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We are glad you stopped by and look forward to the opportunity to help you enhance your site! We offer a totally free, easy to use and comfortable Content Management System (CMS).

Our friendly community can help you get started and are always proactive in making improvements to Zyke.

Combine the above with the fantastic features of Zyke CMS, you have a powerful combination perfect for your latest website. Whether you are an individual or a large business, Zyke has the ability to accomodate your needs!

Thanks for considering us for your content needs and we invite you to register in our forums and make yourself at home...look around and see what others have had to say about Zyke CMS!

07/06/2010 11:25 : Added a tool for managing Zyke CMS releases and News. Now, you can easily follow news and releases through our RSS feed.

03/06/2010 18:48 : Netbois Consulting buys all the rights of Zyke CMS from CustomDev. Zyke CMS will remain open source.

04/04/2010 17:35 : We're now ready for the full launch, so looking for feedback!

03/04/2010 13:48 : Added a script installer.

02/04/2010 10:01 : Added easy way to change logo and sidebar.

01/04/2010 11:15 : Launched the community forum.

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